Friday, February 11, 2011

Nokia and Intel's much anticipated OS MeeGo

Android enabled mobile device's are selling like hot cakes. It won't be wrong to say that these devices are selling faster then Apple's iPhone and RIM's Blackberry. Android sure has stormed the market but it will certainly not go unchallenged with Windows 7 and MeeGo enabled devices entering the market. It will be interesting  to see this battle for market share of mobile devices.   

MeeGo is a Linux based open source mobile operating system. It is joint project between two technology giants, Intel and Nokia with the help of Linux foundation. The aim is to merge Intel's  Moblin and Nokia's Maemo former projects into one common project. With the world's largest chip manufacture Intel and the world's largest mobile manufacture Nokia joining hands MeeGo surely is a thing to watch. MeeGo is intended to run on a variety of hardware platforms including handsets, in-car devices, netbooks and televisions.

MeeGo is not aimed at only Mobile devices. It is being built for much broad spectrum including netbooks, tablets, digital video recorder (dvr), internet connected TV. In simple words if a device has a requirement of user interface and operating system it can consider MeeGo. Developers of me MeeGo are trying to make it universal, so no matter what platform you use MeeGo would look and work the same. It is designed to run on both Intel Atom and ARMv7 and ARMv9 architecture. Due to these capabilities many mobile manufacturer have dropped Symbian and replaced it with MeeGo for smart phone devices. Nokia plans to use MeeGo for its high performance mobile phone.
MeeGo v1.1 IVI

MeeGo launched its v1.0 purely for developers. MeeGo v1.1 came up in October 2010 and was for the users. The plan is for the next version 1.2, which will include a Handset release with a complete set of applications, and support for other device usage models, to appear in April 2011. Instead of Android's Virtual Machine based interface, MeeGo use the more traditional Unix/Linux X11-based and Qt 4.7 structure in the front end. Due to this if you crate an application for MeeGo one can easily port it to Linux desktop without much problem. Like Android phones, the iPhone, and the iPad, MeeGo does have its own App Store: AppUp.

Though there is no finished MeeGo enabled product in the market as yet, it would be interesting to see how does Nokia and Intel live upto to the expectation of delivering an OS that works seamlessly and identical on all platforms.



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